Awesome Veggie Burgers

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Awesome Veggie Burgers

Cajun Black Bean Burger

Jason Mraz tweeted some high praise for this fantastic Black Bean Burger:

Can you blame him? Sauteed mushrooms, onions & spinach with deep fried jalapeno, tomato & melted vegan cheese on a hearty oat bun.

Titanic BLT Burger

Vegan Titanic BLT Burger

Vegan Titanic BLT Burger ©2010 The Chicago Diner

What an impressive veggie burger, however this was not bought from the frozen section of a grocery store. It was hand crafted from scratch using just plant ingredients.

The beef and bacon substitutes are made from seitan (wheat protein or gluten). There’s a hearty oat sprinkled bun and spicy chipotle sauce. The magic topping is french fried onion rings.

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